Undergraduate School

Elem. Mech. (基幹物理学IA) in Jpn

Electric Circuit II in Eng


Graduate School

IOT Device basics(IOTデバイス基礎) in Eng&Jpn, from 2021

回路概論 in Jpn, from 2021

Elem. Quantum Phys, until 2020

Elem. Quantum Phys, until 2020

基礎量子物性 in Jpn, until 2020

Elem. Quantum Phys. (基礎量子物性) in Eng, until 2020

電磁応用工学特論 in Jpn, until 2020

Tutorials of Applied Electromagnetics in Eng, until 2020

Intro. to Appl. Sci. for Electr. and Mat. I (量子プロセス理工学第一) in Eng, until 2020

Green Asia Colloquium in Eng

Internship for the other dept. stud. (副専攻)




Department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials, Kyushu University