For Prospective Students


You can visit our laboratory at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

[Features of our laboratory]

i) Each member pursues his/her own research subject.

ii) Individual initiatives are supported.

iii) Active presentation at academic meetings and in journals is encouraged.

iv) A personal tutorial system is established.

[Minimum target]
First year master's students learn basic knowledge in their research subject, and by actively presenting their results at academic meetings, they learn presentation skills and the position of their research in academia.
Second year master's students (Japanese) will be able to read papers in English freely and quickly, write manuscripts logically in Japanese. They preferably write papers.
Doctoral students pursue independent research by conducting experiments and writing papers based upon their own ideas.


Do my best! Heaven helps those who help themselves.

[Preferred student's backgrounds]
Our research subjects relate to an integrated field of applied physics, electronics, and inorganic materials science. Students from these areas should readily adapt to our laboratory. Because our research activities focus on manufacturing, many experimentally-inclined students have come from applied chemistry areas as well. Regardless of past specialties, we also welcome students who are highly motivated and eager to learn new fields.

[Graduate's careers]
Graduates from the master's course typically find employment in electronics or materials companies.
Graduates from the doctoral course typically have careers in company laboratories or public educational/research institutions based on their specialties.